The fall towards incest, rise of fascism and a human constructed “god” as a possibility of the future development of the Universe

The rise of fascism which occured over the last, perhaps year, perhaps a bit more, is something which, it is very likely, exists concurrently, both in today’s society and in principle as an instance of people adopting reciprocal positions which is an expression of wanting to stabilise one’s relationships, with the fall of western society towards a derestriction of incestuous desires.

But the rise of fascism is also something which is poorly suited to counteract the problem since none of the policies proposed by the likes of Donald Trump – such as cracking down on immigrants, women, black people and others – are directed at addressing the behaviour which is very likely the source of a lot of tension in today’s world.

Many developments of recent times, such as UKIP campaigning for Britain to leave the EU, an Austrian right winger’s tight grip during the electoral race (which, after the overturning of the vote, is not yet ended), the rise of Donald Trump, and others, are very rightward, some reaching a fascist extreme.

Another part of the Western population, however, are behaving in a way to behave in which is to do something of the extreme opposite end, namely, they are engaging in incest. Someone posted a thread to the social networking site Reddit with the title “[B/S] How I (19) came inside of my sister (21) while we were 5 feet away from my parents”. This is almost as extreme as it gets, although one might doubt whether it is not something that was written by a person hired and tasked with creating demand by a pornography company. Whatever the case, it is only one of large numbers of posts and is not an example from the only source. If one goes to a pornography website, one notices that a large amount of videos depict “step sisters” engaging in sex with their “step brothers”, or “step sons” engaging in sex with their “step mothers”. This tendency has not, at least in as marked a way as it is now, been present 10 years ago.

If one would forbid, in a way the severity of which would be similar to what China is now doing to some of its lawyers, human rights activists and foreign non-governmental organisations, people to engage in incest, it would likely have a very strong stabilising influence on society.

I do, however, want to make another point. Almost incomparably more desirable as it is to a society that is unstable, weak and prone to extremes, a well-functioning society is a goal limited in a humanity-as-itself-imperfect sense. If one accepts the dual nature of human beings, the conflict between the ego and the id, which, in turn, is connected, in its origins and nature, to the different, at least at a low, essential level, influence that one’s same and differing sex family members have on one during early development, one is still stuck in a life of – even if people are able, sometimes in ways the achievement of which requires an extraordinary amount of effort, to manage this – a never-ending juggling of the different forces impacting one. A possible route out of all of this, in my opinion, is to heed the ideas of some of the leading scientists of current times who – even if their predictions are such that they do not speak of the continuation of human society, at least in the form in which it exists now, over the long term – predict that “god” might be something that humans themselves might construct and that this is one possible scenario of where the development of the Universe – and humanity along with it – might be going.