Numb and number

“Numbers are but a poor exchange for a true friend”

The number 47 has, in the past perhaps year, perhaps a bit more, perhaps (although this latter possibility is less likely than the others) less, made many appearances in various spheres of human life. The general reaction, however, seems to be of everyone noticing it, but few mentioning it. Having said that, it is probably not true that everyone notices it, but the number seems sufficiently large. The number seems to have the characteristic of upside-downness (perhaps similarly to how a foetus would be placed in the womb) and would, in Levi-Strauss’s terms, be closer to the poles of nature (instead of culture) and living in the bush (instead of in the village). Perhaps it is a way in which instincts, whenever they are near total repression, come back to remind the person that whatever he or she is doing is unacceptable to them (this does, however, not mean that if one’s instincts fail to grant one their auspices, that that is necessarily a basis for forfeiting one’s intentions). This would also explain why 47 seems to have the characteristic of upside-downness – whenever one is repressed one regresses to earlier stages of libido development, and a regression of a large degree supposes a repression of a large degree also.

Here is a list of some lesser mentioned appearances of the number 47:

Boeing 747
Is probably operative in some people’s suggestion (which I do not support) to shorten the work week to 4 working days
Albert Camus was editor-in-chief of a publication titled Combat from 1944 to 1947, lived to almost 47 years of age and published “The Plague” in 1947
This article
The band l7 is said to have acquired its name from slang for calling someone a square. This is also probably a form of 47
The 4th of July
Is mentioned in The Connels’ song “’74-’75”
Independence day of Lithuania falls on the 47th day of the year


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